home for sale in Abilene TX

Finding the best homes for sale in Abilene TX

It is always good to gather as much information about the local area to make sure you invest your money wisely in the Texas real estate market. Abilene has a lot of properties to offer, surrounded by lush greenery and plenty of local attractions. Purchasing a new home requires the buyer to consider several factors. Read on and get familiar with this lovely city and all it has to offer buyers from all walks of life.

The spread of COVID-19 has affected the market value, so you can possibly expect to get a cheaper price for open houses in Abilene, with the range starting from about $10,000.

Home for sale in Abilene


Multiple home listings in Abilene for all price ranges

  • Most viewed homes: The most viewed houses in this city feature multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, a fenced in yard and ample land so as to not be crammed in a large city setting. These properties usually contain a master bedroom with a walk in closet, crown molding and granite counters. These are the most sought after local real estate listings which are adjacent to the best schools in the area.


  • Most bookmarked houses: Houses from this category are preferred by buyers who are looking for properties to invest in, flip or rehabilitate. Abilene offers great value and sees a lot of investors who are more interested in the data to get the biggest bang for their money.


  • Newly listed homes: If you’re looking for a home for sale in Abilene, TX that is newly constructed then you’ll have plenty to choose from in this category. Builders are very busy in our state to cater to the needs of people looking to settle down in a shiny new home or ranch property with little immediate maintenance.


  • Luxury homes: Investors who are ready to invest a lump sum amount for their new home can pick suggestions from this category. Luxury real estate homes are adorned with all the possible facilities and features, up-to-date interior designs, a pool, and plenty of space for ultimate comfort.


  • Apartments: There are buyers who prefer to stay in apartments and not in houses. Such customers can choose their property from this section. If you are single-family then selecting an apartment will be right.


  • Least expensive houses: If you’re operating with a low-budget and don’t want to rent the house, then considering the least expensive properties will be a wise decision, but will often require construction or updates to electricity, plumbing or the structure.


Let’s check out the top 5 best homes for sale in Abilene, tx 2020 

SL No Address Price per square feet Property type Number of bedrooms Year of establishment  Price
1 3158 Columbia Dr, Abilene, TX, 79605 $104 Single Family Home  3 1957 $129,900
2 3124 Countryside Cir, Abilene, TX, 79606 $111 Single-family home 3 1976 $180,000
3 1326 Meander St, Abilene, TX, 79602 $100 Single-family home 3 1928 $150,000
4 1041 S 14th St, Abilene, TX, 79602 Multi-family home  5 1928 $90,000
5 609 College Dr, Abilene, TX, 79601 Multi-family home  8 1938 $395,000


Key factors to keep in mind while investing in real estate properties in Abilene

As stated before buying a home requires a lot of fact finding before finalising the deal. Check these points below and keep them in mind before closing.

  • Location: When it comes to buying real estate properties in Abilene, location is usually the most important factor due to the varying markets. The safety of individuals in the home is just as important as the ease of accessibility to nearby amenities.
  • Future market value: This is another essential factor to keep in mind while planning for property investments. You should always buy a property that will have its market value elevated in proportion with the possible future development in that area.
  • Infrastructure: Before paying the money, check if your prefered real estate property is pampered with appreciable infrastructure or not. If not, leave the deal.


Things that real estate agencies in Abilene, Texas should offer


  • Email alerts: In this pandemic situation plenty of home buyers are still monitoring new listings and the list price. The best agents provide additional services like a positive web experience or email list that you can subscribe to in order to stay informed.


  • Free relocation package: There is no doubt that relocation is a major headache that can frustrate any home buyer. However, with a reputable real estate company, you don’t need to worry if the agent provides a free relocation package if you purchase multi-family or single-family house under their guidelines.




  • Is Abilene tx a desirable location to live? 

If you wish to purchase a property to live in Texas, then Abilene is perhaps the best option so far. The pollution-free locality boasts some amazing restaurants and dining, historic buildings, spectacular views and a healthy lifestyle for its residents.


  • How to pick the best house for sale in Abilene? 

Well, the best property depends completely on the buyer’s aspect. You can consider the top 5 homes for sale in Abilene to get a clearer idea.


  • What is the cost of a house in Abilene? 

The rates of the properties depend on several things like infrastructure, facilities, size, number of rooms, and so on. Starting from $1000 to $500,000 you will get a variety of options for different kinds of buyers.


  • Will it be fine to invest in homes for sale in Abilene tx during COVID-19 outbreak? 

Yes, it would be perfectly fine to invest in this situation, as the market value of the real estate is declining due to fewer buyers. Hence, think less and start picking the new home of your dreams.